As the name suggests, deadwood is the dead and decaying portion of a tree. Since these are of no use, getting rid of these at the earliest is a feasible decision. Dead branches of trees are going to fall off anyway; so why retain the same and cause your garden to look untidy? Remember, deadwood is a natural phenomenon and part of a tree’s life cycle. And since it poses many threats to human life and property, deadwood removal is a practical decision for many.

Deadwood is generally found in mature trees. Letting the deadwood stay without intervention will harm the health and longevity of the tree. Thus, hire tree surgeons for appropriate deadwood removals. To know more about the benefits of deadwood removal, read on.

Why Does Deadwood Occur?

In the case of mature trees, deadwood might occur due to the following reasons.

  • Damage and accumulation of rain in the heartwood of the trees causes the formation of deadwood.
  • When physical or constructional damage is caused to the branches, trunks and bark.
  • If the branches or trunks are affected by fungal diseases that can cause rotting and hollowing.
  • Animal damage to the tree trunks and branches causes deadwood problems
  • Lack of sunlight on the internal branches and parts of the tree causes the wood to become dead.

Importance of Deadwood Removal

Not acting on trees with deadwood issues can generate a large number of problems. Although you might not find problems initially, this will likely cause significant damage to the quality and longevity of the tree in the long run.

The safety option: Dead branches are a threat to inhabitants and passersby. These can fall off suddenly, causing near-fatal accidents. Thus, it’s better to get these branches pruned or removed at the earliest.

Prevent unwanted pest infestation: Keeping the deadwood in the trees creates the chance of fungal infestation in the tree. The deadwood could cause the other parts of the tree to rot.

Public safety: If the trees are placed within the vicinity of public institutes like schools, hospitals or offices, then preserving dead wood is not a legally safe option. It should be removed to ensure public safety.

Aesthetics: Deadwoods generally hamper the aesthetics of a tree and the garden it occurs in. Removing and trimming these make the tree look healthy and of perfect shape and size.

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