Deadwoods are the branches on a tree with two or no leaves on them. It is very common in mature trees. It generally happens when the heartwood of a branch becomes hollow due to fungal colonisation. The bark can also decay due to storms, lack of sap or water, or diseases. Deadwood within trees is quite common in fast-growing tree species like silver maple, locusts, and birch. One of the common mistakes homeowners make is to overlook deadwood and not remove them at the right time. If you ever notice a few trees in your garden with deadwood, get in touch with experienced tree surgeons offering deadwood removal services.

Few Common Benefits Offered By Deadwood Removal Services

  • Ensure Your Property’s Safety

A unique feature of deadwood is that they don’t stay on trees forever; they will fall off over time.  Generally, they fall on the properly manicured lawn and impact the visual appeal of your garden. If the tree is very close to your house, it might even fall on the terrace or the roof. You can avoid the convenience by chopping off the deadwood before it can cause any harm to your property. Beechwood Tree Services is one of the few companies offering deadwood removal services at competitive prices. Their tree surgeons are readily available for all your tree care needs.

  • Improve Your Trees’ Health

If you want the trees in your garden to enhance the appeal of your property, you should look after their health and welfare. Deadwood is a natural process of ageing. It can also occur due to diseases, insects, time, or other factors. If you don’t want the infestation or infection in deadwood to impact your trees’ health, make sure you remove them as soon as the issue is revealed. If the deadwood is ignored, the ailment will fester in silence and lead to the death of your tree.

  • Prevent Insect Infestation

Insect infestation is a very common problem faced by tree owners. It can further lead to deadwood. Aphids can cause serious damage to the trees by inviting mould and forming black fungus. There are almost 20 types of insects that can affect the trees in your garden. Hire a tree surgeon to identify the insect infestation and suggest a suitable treatment to destroy the damaged branch. The objective is to protect the healthy limbs of the tree.

Since deadwood can impact your trees’ health in so many ways, hire tree surgeon Capel at fixed intervals to assess the condition of your trees and they will let you know the presence of deadwood. Beechwood Tree Services has some of the most experienced tree surgeons the industry has to offer.