With winter gone and summer approaching, special care must be taken to make the trees healthy. The harsh winter weather takes a toll on the health and growth of trees and plants. Hence with the onset of summer, you must start caring about the trees to start growing and blooming. The scorching rays of the sun provide nutrition to the trees. However, it is a smart decision to remove the dead parts soon so that the tree can start growing fresh.

Fertilising the soil, pruning the trees and trimming off the dead parts are a few initiatives that must be taken to ensure that the tree’s growth is initiated with the onset of the summer. You can call a professional tree surgeon to do the job since they are well acquainted with the biological structuring of the tree. If you leave the trees unattended, then the same might damage the growth.

Read on to check out the tips for keep trees healthy during  summers.

How do Keep Trees Healthy During Summers?

Tree Pruning

This is must-follow advice that you’ve to follow after the end of the winter season. Pruning helps to cut down the diseased parts of the trees and remove the dangerous branches. If you’ve small-sized trees, you can get rid of them alone. However, for the larger branches, make sure that you hire a professional to do the job.

Tree Health Inspection

Make sure that you inspect the tree’s health well right after the winter is over. Snows, winds and sharp cold breezes might have damaged the leaves, roots, shoots and branches. Ask a tree surgeon to inspect the whole tree carefully and make a move accordingly.

Fertilisation of Soil

Soil care is very important, especially after the winters. It is impossible to fertilise the soil during the winter because of the snow. Hence the acidic level of the soil increases. Hence, this is the first thing you should initiate during the summers. Also, make sure that you engage moisture treatment for the soil so that the same remains healthy.

Reinforcement of Trees

As summer approaches, make sure that you reinforce the tree to fight the changing temperature. Summers are not only about sun and cool breeze, but there might be a gush of winds. Hence remove the weaker parts of the trees to make them stronger.

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