Are you annoyed with an unwanted tree stump in your garden? Stump removal is essential for the growth of healthy trees and prevents the spreading of diseases and pests. Some people look at stump removal as an unnecessary thing. Still, if not removed properly, it can cause damage to your property as roots will continue to grow, which will eventually interfere with your plumbing system. We suggest hiring expert tree surgeons in Surrey for this work. Here’s why stump removal is crucial for the healthy growth of trees.

Is Stump Removal Worthwhile?


Gives You More Usable Space:

With stump removal, you will have more space in your garden, which you can use however you want. It frees up a lot of space where you can grow plants, shrubs or even install a small swimming pool. Hiring an expert is essential for this task as leaving roots untrimmed can continue to grow underground. This can even start damaging your plumbing systems beneath the ground.

Prevent the Spread of Diseases and Pests:

After a certain age, trees become more vulnerable to diseases, and this can actually infect healthy trees if not removed on time. Infections can even go beyond the tree stump, deep into the root system, which can affect the beauty of your garden. This is why stump grinding focuses on removing the roots.

Prevent Accidents:

Many people don’t find tree stumps dangerous, but they can cause injuries to your children and pets. You can mitigate the risks of such accidents occurring with the timely removal of stumps. A professional tree surgeon will be able to remove the stump with the best options.

Increased Property Value:

If you are planning to sell your property, no potential buyer would love to see a tree stump in your garden or backyard. After all, everyone loves a neat and well-maintained outdoor space.

Stump removal not just makes your garden look more manicured and neater but also allows you to mow your lawn and other garden works without any risk of tripping on a tree stump. Thus, it provides you with a safer garden to walk around in.

Some people try to remove stumps on their own without any professional help. This can lead to accidents and injuries. Beechwood Tree Services offers a wide variety of tree care services. Our expert team of tree surgeons in Surrey can help you with the best advice for your garden. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you make your garden more beautiful.