Winters might be splendid and romantic weather for you; however, it is harsh for your trees and shrubs. Cold weather does irreplaceable damage to the quality of the trees. But, if you take proper care and follow a few tricks, you can retain their life and glory even after the harsh winter season is over. However, not all trees are susceptible to damage during the winters. A certain variety of trees like citrus, catapala, jacaranda, tropical and sub-tropical trees are more susceptible to damage during the harsh winter seasons. Know what actions should be taken on freeze-damaged trees.

Actions to be Taken for Freeze Damaged Trees

You can take action before winter hits, or you can take action after winter has already damaged the trees to a certain extent.

Things to do after Trees are Damaged by Freezing Winters

  • Check your trees for signs of damage after the winter season is over.
  • Find and get rid of brown leaves as they are the dead leaves and create a mess in the garden.
  • Start making soil amendments as winter snowfall must have made the soil moist.
  • Hire a professional arborist to check and take proper measures to ensure the health of the trees and plants.
  • Avoid pruning the tree and don’t cut or take away any part of the tree right away; this might further exaggerate the damage.
  • Keep an eye for the new sprouts and growths so that you can go in for a new plantation.
  • If the tree is losing shade, try protecting the unshaded portions.
  • You can use physical covers or whitewash for protection of the same.

Advanced Planning before Winter Sets In

To keep trees healthy and of good quality, you must take some precautions beforehand to restore the life of the plants. You can cover the trees with sheets, tarps, and other coverings and keep them as cold as possible. For the potted plants, you can take the simple precaution of taking them inside the covered premises away from the harsh weather conditions that might come up. Make a consistent and committed schedule for tree care so that your tree’s health is protected during the winter seasons.

Why Winter Causes Extreme Damage to Trees?

The tolerance power of the trees decreases during the winters. Especially if you’ve planted warm weather trees, then during the winters, they need good care. Moreover, the high snowfalls during the winters on the leaves and the trees increase the weight on the leaves, and the limbs being weaker, they tend to fall off. You might not know, but even during the winter, the trees try to find moisture as humans do. This leads to damage to the leaves during the winters.

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