A garden with numerous trees seems like a valuable addition to a home. It can improve the aesthetic value and the air quality of the property surroundings without extra cost. However, the secret to keeping the trees in shape is regular maintenance.

What is Hedge Trimming?

Hedge trimming is one of the primary maintenance tasks that a homeowner performs. Though it is vital, it requires immense attention to detail and the supply of specialised tools. Otherwise, the maintenance work will go differently than planned, and one may commit mistakes that can damage the tree.

Common Mistakes of Hedge Trimming One Should Avoid:

The tree surgeons in Cobham may make some common mistakes while trimming the hedges of a tree. These should be avoided to ensure proper maintenance. The mistakes are discussed in detail in this blog.

  • Cutting the Wrong Branches:

    It is one of the vital tasks of hedge trimming that a tree surgeon should perform carefully. Random cutting of branches can weaken the tree and affect its overall growth. It causes deep wounds, which can promote the growth of fungi and mould on the damaged branches. The wrong way of cutting branches can also change the tree’s shape.


  • Cutting the Branch Collar:

    The collar of a branch is an integral element of tree growth. However, sometimes tree surgeons hit this part by mistake. A damaged branch collar affects the layers of the tree bark. The cells will interlock with one another and form an unpleasant look. It also gets exposed to pathogens that may cause bacterial diseases in the tree.


  • Trimming with Unsharpened Equipment:

    While trimming the hedges, the tree surgeons need to ensure that they use proper, sharp shears. A blunt blade will cause hitting one surface multiple times, which causes wounds on the trunk. This not only makes the tree look bad but also causes fungal diseases on the branch.


  • Not Following Safety Measures:

    When you want to maintain your tree in the best possible way, you must take help from the experts. They should have years of experience handling the axe, chainsaw and ropes. This also means they can perform the work with minimal safety violations.

These mistakes can prove costly for the overall health and aesthetics of the trees in your garden. For proper hedge trimming assistance, you should contact Beechwood Tree Services. We have a professional and experienced team of tree surgeons in Cobham. For more details, you can visit our website today.