You can easily handle most of the tree issues if you have basic knowledge about tree pruning and trimming. You can maintain the excellent shape of your tree with the right knowledge and equipment. Most of the tree pruning projects are more complicated than you think, so you need the expertise of a tree surgeon to prune deciduous trees. The length of the canopy or crown and the area through which it spreads is important. Pruning is done in such a way so that the branch structure developed is strong and well balanced.

Why Do Deciduous Trees Need Pruning?

Pruning deciduous trees improve the tree’s overall look and structure. The tree surgeon will eliminate the diseased branches, so the problem doesn’t spread to the healthy branches. They follow all the arboricultural practices and prune the tree properly by removing only 15% to 20% of the crown at a time.  Hire experienced tree surgeons to prune deciduous trees as they have the expertise and tools required to prune various deciduous trees. They know the right pruning techniques and the right season to do the task.

Tips To Prune Various Types of Deciduous Trees

  • Alder

The best time to prune deciduous trees is between late spring to summer. If there is a dying or diseased branch in the alder tree, remove it to prevent the issue from spreading any further. Tree surgeons ensure not to tear the bark and wood as they attract bugs and make the tree more prone to diseases. Get rid of all the infected branches and twigs. Few of the common pests in alder trees are caterpillars, aphids and beetles. Proper pruning will give the trees a more well-shaped and uniform look.

  • Elm

You can hire a tree surgeon at least once a year for minor pruning work on Elm trees. You will know that the trees have been infected with Dutch elm disease if you notice that the leaves have started yellowing or wilting during early summer. The affected branches will dieback from the tip. The tree surgeon will remove the infected branches as soon as possible if you don’t want the diseased trees to threaten nearby trees.

  • Whitebeam

Though Whitebeam is one of the deciduous trees capable of taking care of themselves, you must follow the right pruning technique. Excessive pruning can harm the tree as they don’t grow vigorously. They require light and formal pruning by experienced professionals offering tree surgery service. They will remove all the shoots growing unruly. Unless the tree is pruned at the right time of the year, it can lead to sap bleeding.

Since you now know that different deciduous trees have different pruning techniques, it’s time you get in touch with a renowned tree surgeon.