Cutting down big trees in a yard involves a lot of risks. When a full-grown tree falls down on its own, it can cause serious damages to properties, assets and lives too. This is why; expert tree surgeons always take special safety measures while dismantling big trees in a certain land. The process is known as Controlled Felling, and it is a popular way to cut down big trees without putting the adjoining land or other trees and assets in danger.

Calculated and Controlled Felling of Big Trees

This is a calculated process that can be carried out only by trained, experienced and skilled tree surgeons in Dorking. They have the right skill, tools and experience to measure and calculate how far the tree can fall after cutting the bottom of it at the ground level. This calculation is imperative to understand potential damage and keep the surrounding areas safe. Felling is the complete removal of big trees from the ground level. Since the job involves a lot of risks, you should rely on certified and licensed arborists only. They have the license and offer fully insured services to their clients. These experts use the right tools to eliminate risks while cutting down the tree at the bottom line.

Types of Controlled Felling

As per the experts of tree cutting and tree surgery, there are two types of controlled felling you can try for your large trees. One is straight felling, and the other is sectional dismantling. A reliable and skilled tree surgeon in Dorking will always suggest straight felling where possible. According to the Work at Height Regulations 2005, any work at height should be avoided to avoid risks of falling, injury and death. Hence, they will try to avoid sectional dismantling where these experts have to climb up and cut down various sections of a large tree to ease the felling. A qualified and trusted tree surgeon will never stop trying various types of felling cuts on the tree to bring it down on your land. Since the job involves risks and potential damages, you should work on insured and licensed tree surgeons only to obtain more reliable services. At Beechwood Tree Services, we offer controlled felling at any given ground as per the requirements of our clients. If you wish to get more information about our other tree surgery services, please get in touch with our experts.