When you see droopy branches and a misaligned trunk on your tree, you can confirm that it needs proper care and maintenance. Though the grown trees and plants elevate the aesthetics of your garden, they need proper attention. Overgrown leaves and twigs can become a hurdle for the healthy growth of the plant.

What is Hedge Growth, and How to Remove It?

The unkempt growth of the tree’s branches and leaves is technically known as hedges. Regular trimming of hedges is as important as watering the plant. The process is also popularly known as pruning. You can take help from a renowned tree surgeon in Westcott for a proper, good-quality hedge-trimming experience.

Vital Steps for Hedge Trimming Followed by Tree Surgeons:

The professionals follow certain steps to clear out the overgrown hedges of the tree. These ensure proper cleaning and maintain the tree’s overall balance and weight. You can find more about the steps of pruning in this blog.

  • Maintaining the shape:

    The hedges develop thickly at the top portion of a tree. This imbalanced growth puts all the weight on top of the tree. As a result, the branches droop down and produce lower foliage. The tree also doesn’t get equal distribution of sunlight. The ideal shape of the foliage is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. The tree surgeons use professional equipment to maintain this shape.

  • Pruning in the winter:

    If you are thinking of the ideal time for pruning the tree, you should choose winter. This is when the tree doesn’t produce buds, so you don’t have to fear cutting the flowering or fruit-bearing branches. This time is also ideal as it can foster better growth during the summer.

  • Determining the Height and Width of Hedges:

    If you have a straight-growing tree, you don’t have to worry much about hedge trimming. However, if you don’t have such plants in your garden, you should determine the required height and width of the hedges. You can perform this during the initial stage of planting the tree. A hedge generally requires to be 3 feet wide.

With these vital steps, you can ensure better hedge trimming for the steady growth of trees in the garden. Make your garden more aesthetic by taking help from a trusted tree surgeon in Westcott. You can consult with Beechwood Tree Services for quality assistance. We have technically upgraded tree surgery machinery for a better service in hedge trimming. To know more, you can visit our website.