The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting hundreds of businesses all over the world, including the tree care industry. Even tree surgeons have to undertake some measures to ensure their staff and customers’ safety. Though the ongoing pandemic isn’t directly affecting their work, they have to follow some government guidelines to ensure that no one is put at risk. Whether you have a common tree surgery job or something complicated, choose a reputable company like Beechwood Tree Services, some precautionary measures undertaken by their tree surgeons during the pandemic.

 3 Safety Measures Tree Surgeons In Reigate Are Following During The Pandemic

  • Social Distancing

All the tree surgeons have to follow the social distancing rule strictly. They should maintain at least a 2-meter gap among themselves and travel in separate vehicles if possible. Though one surgeon carries out most tree care jobs, the complicated tree removal projects might require more staff members. If any staff member ever feels sick, he should inform his supervisor and self-isolate for a week. They should return to work only after they feel completely healthy.

  • Conduct Additional Cleaning

Even before the pandemic, it was the tree surgeon’s responsibility to clean all the equipment thoroughly. The objective was to prevent any disease or infection from spreading to the plants and trees. Some additional cleaning might be required during the pandemic. They have to follow a vigorous cleaning regime, wash their clothes often, and replace their gloves. Tree surgeons should also have an adequate amount of hand sanitisers which they can use after every few hours. Not only should they maintain a distance with other staff and their client but also with the general public.

  • Follow The Government Guidelines

You can hire a certified tree surgeon in Surrey with complete peace of mind as they strictly follow all government guidelines. If the government ever advises them to stop working, they have to do the needful. If they want to continue working without getting involved in any legal issue, they must follow the government’s social distancing guidelines. They have to be collaborative, flexible and show leadership in everything they do.

Importance Of Tree Care Even During Pandemic

If you are one of those homeowners who think that taking care of the trees can’t be on your priority list during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Visit the garden and take a closer look at the bushes, trees, and hedges. If you notice that any of those is diseased or decayed, get in touch with experienced tree surgeons Reigate before the issue becomes more complicated. They will assess the condition of the trees and let you know whether they require trimming, pruning, or removal.