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Specialist Tree Surgery in Dorking

As a team of experts, Beechwood Tree and Landscaping Services offer the following forms of tree surgery in Dorking and its surrounding areas:

Tree Surgery

• Crown Reductions

• Controlled Felling

• Crown Thinning

• Crown Lifting

• Pollarding

• Removal of Deadwood


• Fruit Tree Pruning

• Hedge Cutting

• Site Clearance

• Stump Removal

• Seasoned Logs

• Tree Planting Projects


Crown Reduction


This involves reducing the overall size of the crown. Our tree surgeons do this by removing the ends of the branches evenly throughout the crown. The purpose of this is to maintain the natural shape of the tree and to keep it looking balanced.

Controlled Felling


This involves completely dismantling a tree. We leave the stump as close to the ground as possible, but will be above soil level. We offer a separate stump removal service upon request. The method we use to cut down your tree will depend on the situation. We either cut it in sections using a lowering system, although in some cases we cut it down from ground level in one section. Please get in touch for more information.

Crown Thinning


Thinning involves removing a portion of a tree’s secondary branches. This is done to produce a structure of uniform branches without altering the shape or size of the tree. This improves access to natural light and shading.

Removal of Deadwood


A self-explanatory procedure, this involves removing deadwood from the canopy of the tree. We can either remove specific areas of deadwood (over 50 mm), or we can remove all deadwood.

Fruit Tree Pruning


Without the proper pruning and training, fruit trees are unlikely to develop its proper form and shape. The trees we train and prune are much more likely to yield high quality fruit early in their lives and will also live significantly longer.

Hedge Cutting


Whether you need to reduce the height or width of your hedge, or whether you want us to plant or trim it as part of our annual maintenance service – call Beechwood today! Our tree surgeons have the skills and equipment to carry out any hedging cutting operations in Dorking and the wider Surrey area.

Site clearance


Whether you are a property developer, builder, part of the local council, a rail or utility company or looking to re-develop a site, reclaim brownfield sites, or reroute roads anywhere in and around the Dorking area –  please call us today! Whatever your needs, Beechwood Tree and Landscaping Services are able to not just meet, but also exceed your requirements. Our skills, combined with our access to the latest as a flails, wood chippers, mulchers and shredders allows us to clear even the largest of spaces efficiently and effectively.

Stump Grinding


Our experts ground into chips using a specialised stump grinding machine which does so to a specified depth below soil level. While our work will leave smaller roots spreading out from the main stump undisturbed, it will chase out the main buttress roots to ensure it will not start to re-grow.

Seasoned Logs


We offer a ready supply of seasoned hardwood logs all year round. We sell logs in 1m3 bags and we can make free deliveries at fairly short notice to customers in Dorking and the wider Surrey area.

Tree Planting


We can supply and plant most trees, hedges and shrubs. We also offer to provide a program for watering, mulching and overall maintenance as the plant grows.

Emergency Call-Out


Sometimes storms and high winds can cause uprooted and blown over trees. The specialist landscapers and tree surgeons at Beechwood Tree and Landscaping offer emergency call outs to the Surrey and Sussex area. With 24-hour emergency contact, we could be with you within the hour to remove or fix the offending, damaged tree.

Garden Maintenance Services Also Offered

We also offer a number of landscaping services, which include the following:


Hard Landscaping

Soft Landscaping

- Brickwork

- Driveways

- Groundworks

- Patios

- Fencing

- Turfing



We provide a range of landscaping services. So whether you need new turf laid after taking advantage of our stump grinding service, a new fence, patio or driveway – please get in touch!

For professional tree surgery in Dorking and the wider Surrey area,

please call Beechwood Tree and Landscaping Services on 01306 611 042 or 07500 191 754 now!