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3 Safety Techniques Tree Surgeons Follow When Removing A Tree

Removing a diseased or damaged tree from your garden is more challenging than you think. Don’t try to remove it on your own to save some money. Every tree removal project involves a lot of planning and logistics. If you fail to follow the right technique or use the wrong tree-cutting equipment, many things can go wrong. The removal process might become dangerous if you plan to remove the tree on a snowy, rainy, or windy day. The safety technique tree surgeon follow during cutting a tree is as follows.

A better alternative is to get in touch with experienced tree surgeons. Most of them have years of industry presence and follow all the safety techniques when pruning or cutting trees. Hire a tree surgeon immediately if you notice a damaged or diseased tree in your residential or commercial property. A dead tree loses its strength gradually, so getting rid of it is highly advisable. A weak tree even loses its ability to withstand the assault of storms or extra weight.

Check Nearby Power Lines

Even if you are in a hurry to get rid of the damaged tree from your garden as soon as possible, an experienced tree surgeon always checks the power lines before they start cutting the tree. The situation might become a bit dangerous if the nearby power lines are energised.  Get in touch with the utility company and they will de-energise or shield all the power lines in that area. You should hire a trained line-clearance tree remover when removing a tree with a power line within 10 feet.

Plan The Tree Surgery In Advance

To ensure the safe removal of the damaged trees from your garden, your tree surgeon in Reigate will plan the tree surgery. They need adequate time to examine the site and identify all the potential hazards. If they have to climb a tree, they have to ensure no broken branches or weak limbs. Sometimes, they also have to dismantle a large tree into smaller pieces to get rid of it easily. Planning the tree surgery also lets you consider the weather.

Use Safety Equipment

Irrespective of how many years of experience your tree surgeon in Cobham has, they should use proper safety gear and equipment. They should wear heavy-duty gloves to keep their hands protected from splinters, injuries and cuts. To keep their eyes protected from flying debris, they should wear safety goggles and glasses. A hard hat will keep their head protected from debris falling from trees. Not only should they know how to use safety equipment and tools but also ensure that they are properly maintained.

The experienced tree surgeons at Beechwood Tree Services follow all the safety techniques stated above so you can have complete peace of mind.