Healthy trees are essential for our environment, so the demand for reliable, professional, and knowledgeable tree surgeons is gradually enhancing. With numerous of them scattered all over Reigate, choosing someone reliable often becomes a challenging task. So the responsibility of a tree surgeon is huge for the environment. The first thing you have to do is to understand what these professionals can do for you. Tree surgery or removing trees from a property is a complicated process. You have to ensure that the one you are hiring is reliable, trained, and has worked on complex tree surgery projects. They know how to offer tree care services safely and legally without damaging your residential or commercial property. They understand the needs of the trees in your garden before customising their services and carry out work to the highest standards.

Few Common Services Offered By A Qualified Tree Surgeon

  • Tree Surgery – It is the process of removing or clearing dangerous or diseased trees with surgical accuracy.
  • Hedge pruning – It prevents dead or dying branches from harming the plants or people nearby. It includes hedge trimming, cutting, and maintenance.
  • Stump Grinding – It is the process of cutting a tree stump right below the ground’s surface. It helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space.
  • Garden Maintenance – Since a well-maintained garden can enhance the value of your property, it’s time you hire a tree surgeon for garden maintenance services.
  • Site Clearance – Tree Surgeons in Reigate are highly experienced in mechanised tree, vegetation and land clearance. Their services are essential in the construction, utility, and forestry industry.

Points To Consider Before A Tree Surgery

  • Is your home located in a conservation area?
  • Do you need permission from the local council before removing a tree?
  • Does the tree surgery pose any risk to you or your neighbours?

Ensure Your Safety First

A certified tree surgeon in Reigate will ensure your safety before they start working on your project. Instead of buying any random tool from the market, they should know how to use them. They should pay attention to details and assess the condition of the tree before removing it. They should also know the permissions required, their liabilities, the health and safety issues, and the risks involved.

Things To Look For In A Tree Surgeon

  • Do they have the necessary permission to work on the tree?
  • Do the company providing tree surgeons have a valid number and permanent address?
  • Does the company offer insurance on their work? If yes, will they provide it in writing?
  • Does the tree surgeon work according to British standards?
  • Do they have a certificate in Arboriculture?

Ready To Hire A Tree Surgeon?

Instead of choosing any random company offering tree surgeons in and around Surrey, ask your friends and family for recommendations, testimonials, or references as these can never be forged. Obtain written quotes from few of these companies and choose one offering tree surgery who knows the responsibility of a tree surgeon that suits your budget. Beechwood Tree Services has some of the most experienced professionals to undertake all aspects of tree surgery work.