Crown reduction is an important process to maintain trees from overhanging your property. It can also take up excess space, preventing natural light from reaching your garden. This method also releases the extra burden from the branches and trunk of a tree, reducing the risk of broken branches. It also helps retain a tree’s shape and structure, ensuring it suits its surroundings. But while performing this process, you must understand the amount required pruning to avoid any mistakes. You can also hire a professional tree surgeon in Horsham to perform this task.

Here are some unique crown reduction facts you should know.

Why is Crown Reduction of a Tree Important?

The pruning requirement of a tree increases as it gets older and bigger over the years. Decay can happen over time as branches and trunks develop cracks or cankers. When a nearby building is demolished, or a large tree is removed, the rest of the trees in those areas are exposed to greater wind loads. With the crown reduction, such trees will have fewer chances of getting damaged by extreme winds.

Tree Crown Reduction is helpful in multiple ways:

  • It can help prevent significant harm during extreme weather conditions like wind or ice storms.
  • Prevent torsional cracks that are usually seen in mature and old trees caused due to branches that twist until trees form long lateral cracks.
  • Promote new growth in damaged or declining trees.

Is Crown Reduction and Tree Topping Same?

No. These are both different techniques for pruning a tree. While crown reduction calls for a measured amount of required pruning, tree topping is an old technique where tree branches are cut. Such trees are more likely to experience failures over time as they mature.

  • In crown reduction, a branch is removed for a healthy, growing lateral branch which later becomes a part of the new crown, while in the topping, a large part of the live crown is removed, leading to large stubs and lateral branches.
  • The crown reduction leaves smaller cuts, whereas topping leaves large wounds making trees more susceptible to decay.
  • In Crown reduction, a lesser live crown is removed, whereas in the topping, almost half of the crown is removed, putting severe stress on the tree.

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