A garden with an abundance of large trees is a dream of every garden lover. The trees provide a great look to the property and are ecologically beneficial. To ensure the proper growth of the garden, it is important to check the tree’s canopy.

Problems of Overgrown Tree Crown

The unchecked growth of the crown or the top part of the tree can cause different problems. Leaves become denser, which prevents the penetration of sunlight. As a result, the tree and its surrounding surface get deprived of important nutrients.

When Should You Opt to Shed Your Tree Canopy?

To maintain the big trees, it is vital to clear the leaf canopy once in a while. You can call an expert tree surgeon to try crown reduction. They will be able to clear the garden canopy in Weybridge.

  1. It is important to look out for some signs in your trees before choosing crown reduction. These are mentioned in detail below.
  2. If you observe that the shape of your tree is too large for the surrounding environment, you should clear its canopy. By trimming the leaves of the canopy, you can retain its original size.
  3. Crown reduction can effectively reduce the loss of light and shading of the tree.
  4. Overgrowth of branches and leaves in a tree can affect your property too. The increase in the overall weight of the tree can force it to lean over your garage or pergola deck. Your property may get damaged when there is a storm.
  5. An overgrown tree can affect the look of your garden. You can take help from a tree surgeon to return its aesthetic touch.

Attention to Safety

Shedding the extra leaves and branches is highly beneficial for your tree. However, while clearing the canopy, a tree surgeon should be careful. This procedure may cause wounds on the branches. There should be little wounds so that the exposed tissues of the tree do not remain exposed for a long time. An infestation of microbes can cause other damage to your tree.

If you want to prevent the basic damages and encourage better growth, go for crown reduction services. Talk to an expert tree surgeon to get proper assistance.

You can communicate with Beechwood Tree Services to clear the garden canopy in Weybridge. We are an expert team who has access to different modern tools. Our customer-friendly approach and attention to safety are known by all. Visit our website to book our service.