Spring is considered as one of the most beautiful times of the year. Pleasant weather, beautiful blossoms and fresh air – this is all you can enjoy in springtime. Many homeowners in Horsham find spring as the right time to take proper care of their garden and trees because this is the time when they get the chance to spend more time outdoor without worrying about cold or rain. Hence, they often ask their professional tree surgeon about tree care tips for spring. If you have different types of trees in your garden, this is probably the best time of the year to pay proper attention to each of them and ensure their health and growth.

How to Take Care of Trees in Spring?


Check the Leaves

The colours of the leaves of your trees in the garden say many things about their condition. These colours indicate how well the tree is feeling right now and if there is any ailment in it. Green leaves are always a sign of health and growth. If you notice yellow or brown leaves in spring, you should consult your tree care expert for quick diagnosis and the right remedies.

Prune the Trees

Spring is the right time for tree pruning. If you are confident enough and have the right equipment, you can try pruning on your own. Otherwise, it will be better to call for professional assistance from certified tree surgeons. This activity ensures rapid growth and proper health of trees. You can remove old and damaged branches and encourage the steady growth of your trees.

Mulching is Important

Laying some mulch is also very imperative during the spring months. Mulch is very effective in keeping the supply of moisture intact. Mulching also kills or prevents weeds at the base of trees. Thus, they can grow fast and keep safe from various ailments or rapid decaying.

Where to Get the Right Tree Care Service?

If you are not sure about taking care of your garden during spring on your own, you should take help from experts. Certified and licensed tree care experts in Horsham can make things easier for you. They typically offer a wide range of services, including pruning, crowning, cutting and removal of trees. These experts can take proper care of the entire garden, including large trees and hedges. Beechwood Tree Services is one such company. We offer fully insured services for properties located in and around Horsham. Please get in touch with us for more information.