Hedges also need maintenance and pruning for their good health, like trees. Their pruning time may differ, being made out of different trees and shrubs. So, just like there’s a time to prune trees, the same applies to hedges as well. We suggest hiring a professional tree surgeon in Brockham to facilitate the task. Here’s when and why you need hedge trimming.

Why and When You Must Trim Hedges?

Let’s first start with why you need to trim your garden’s hedges.

Reasons For Hedge Trimming

  • Your hedges can be overgrown and look untidy if not maintained properly.
  • Dense hedges can block light from entering your garden, eventually affecting your overall outdoor space.
  • Hedge trimming is essential to maintain safe size, density and shape.
  • It prevents the boundary from crossing into the neighbour’s area.
  • It makes garden borders look attractive and ensures the shrubs don’t get unruly for the space it occupies.
  • Regular pruning initiates the production of healthier hedges. This results in stronger branches and also extends the lifespan of the shrubs.
  • Hedge trimming can also encourage the growth of healthy fruits in certain hedge varieties.

When Can You Trim Hedges?

Formative pruning means shaping a young hedge. Hence, this can be done within the first few years after planting the shrub. This helps the hedge take the desired form from the initial times, eventually making it look tidy and easier to manage for the years to come.

You must trim hedges once a year after this time. Do you what’s the best time to trim hedges? Let’s check it out below.

The ideal time for hedge trimming depends on its variety. You must also consider factors like birds nesting season before trimming the hedges. For example, you must trim new evergreen hedges like conifers during the spring. On the other hand, new deciduous hedges require pruning during the winter. Maintenance pruning is generally carried out during the summer months.

Can you trim a hedge on your own?

Hedge trimming needs you to understand what to cut and pruning techniques so that you can carry out the task effectively. We recommend contacting an expert who can do this job for you. It’s better to let professionals do such work.

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