Tree Pollarding or pruning is an important activity that keeps your trees and shrubs in good condition. In the older days, people used the pruning technique to extract firewood from the tree branches. These woods were also used for making baskets, handicraft products, and fodder for animals. However, the concept of tree pollarding has changed nowadays. Garden specialists focus on using pollarding methods to reduce the heights of the shrubs and plants in the garden. The miniature versions of the enormous trees give an aesthetic appeal to the gardens.

Why should you use Tree Pollarding Services?

Rejuvenation of trees

Thinning out the dry leaves and extra branches of a tree helps the tree live a little longer. The primary purpose of pollarding is to remove the dead and diseased parts of the trees. Thus the tree gets rejuvenated again. It’s like getting back to the younger days!

Promotes growth

The growth of the trees tends to get slower with time. Landscapers thus suggest keeping on pollarding them so that they grow faster. This also allows the sunlight to reach the end of the roots, and the trees’ growth is further promoted. On the other hand, if you don’t prune the trees, the leaves and branches will grow and reach the ground.

Aesthetically beautiful appearance

The smaller versions of the trees look better than the large and leafy portions. Moreover, the shape of the trees also gets lost as time passes by. You’ll find unchecked growth horizontally and vertically that will make your garden feel like a forest. A well-maintained garden gives visual pleasure. Hence, garden experts prefer using pollarding services to cut off the excess leafy portions. In this way, you can keep your gardens and the surroundings clean.

Removes roof hazards

At times the high growth of the trees can be dangerous for the roofs of the houses. Due to weather hazards, the trees can fall on your top and cause your roof to break. This can be highly damaging for your home. Thus, pruning the trees and making them short can prove to be a blessing. You can get rid of the extra branches that might harm your roofs. The instances of dangerous tree falls are widespread in case of stormy weather conditions. These fallen trees not only affect the tops but also hamper the wirings of the property.

Increase space in the garden

Pollarding is an intelligent way to make space within the garden. You can get sufficient space if the trees are cut short. A Garden is a place where you would want to sit and relax. With too many shrubs all around, things can get messy. If the messy garden is bothering you, then hire experts from Beechwood Tree Services. Our tree doctors have excellent craftsmanship of pruning or pollarding your long and messy trees into shorter and cleaner ones. You can contact us for all kinds of tree maintenance services.