Whenever a tree falls or is felled off, the stump is a major part of the tree that stays back on the ground. Since the stumps are thick, you must contact professional tree surgeons in Capel to remove them. Stumps which are completely dead should be removed as early as possible to prevent pest infestations. Moreover, dead stumps can pose a risk of fungal and rotten root problems. However, as charged by professional tree surgeons, the cost of tree stump removal varies depending on different factors.

Before hiring a tree surgeon for the job, read the blog and get enlightened about the factors responsible for determining the cost of the stump removal process.

What are the factors determining the cost of the tree stump removal process?

Thickness of stump

Many tree surgeons prefer charging depending on the diameter of the stump. Generally, a tree stump is thick, so cutting the same will require advanced tools. Hence charging depending on the diameter of the stump will increase the charges of the stump removal process.

Age of stump

The older the stump, the more difficulty the tree surgeon will face in removing the same. Older stumps are usually rooted in nature. Although the process of grinding down is easier, the tree surgeons determine the cost by checking the age of the stump.

Clean up time

If you want complete ground-up removal of the stump, the cost will differ from a partial stump removal service. Thus depending on the clean-up time, the cost of the service is determined. Again if your garden has more than one tree stump, the charges will change according to the count. The obvious reason is tree stump removal for more than one stump is time-consuming.

Depth of stump

It is difficult to determine the depth of the stump under the ground. Hence the tree surgeons first grind a few centimetres above the ground and check the depth of the stump. Depending on the same, they fix the rate. Moreover, the condition of the soil is also a major determining factor for fixing the rate of the stump removal service.

Types and nature of trees

There are a few types of trees that are difficult to grind. Stump removal for those trees takes work. The tree surgeons require more energy, time and tools for the same. Thus the rates for such trees would be higher than for the other soft and simple trees.

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