Tree surgeons rely on specialised equipment to safely and efficiently maintain trees in home gardens and other outdoor spaces. These tools are essential for a tree surgeon’s job. A homeowner should understand the uses of common equipment used by a tree surgeon.

Commonly Used Equipment by Tree Surgeons:


In this blog, you will find a compiled list of four common types of equipment that tree surgeons in Surrey may use:

  1. Chainsaws: A chainsaw is an indispensable tool used by tree surgeons to safely cut through large branches and trunks. Chainsaws range in size from small handheld models to larger ones. The bigger saws have longer cutting bars and sharper teeth. Many chainsaws also feature special attachments, such as hedge trimmers, for creating uniform edges. Safety is paramount when operating any chainsaw.


  1. Pruning Saws: Pruning saws come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. These are used for trimming smaller branches or thinning out dense foliage. These saws usually have long blades with sharp teeth that can easily cut through woody material. Some pruning saws are designed with curved or serrated blades. These make it easier to get into tight spots without causing significant damage to the trees.


  1. Climbing Gear: Tree surgery often requires working at heights. The arborists should wear the right climbing gear for safety reasons. Climbing harnesses keep tree workers safely attached to their climbing ropes. Throw lines enable vertical access between two points. It also allows the tree surgeon to avoid putting pressure on delicate limbs while reaching their desired height in the tree canopy.


  1. Protective Clothing: Tree surgery can be hazardous work. Therefore, wearing the right protective clothing is essential. This includes chain mail gloves that protect against cuts from sharp twigs or branches. They should also have long-sleeved shirts or jackets made from heavy-duty abrasion-resistant material like Kevlar or para-aramid fibres. These offers added durability against thorns or splinters. Steel toe boots are also a necessary piece of equipment for tree surgeons.

By understanding what types of tools a tree surgeon uses, homeowners can feel confident about the level of care and attention that the tree surgeons would give to their gardens. To ensure better tree care, one should consult a professional like Beechwood Tree Services. They have an expert team of tree surgeons in Surrey who can help the garden get its good look. For more details, one can visit their website.