Maintaining the condition of the trees in your garden is indeed very complicated. You can ease the task by getting in touch with an experienced tree surgeon performing a wide variety of tree services. Most of them have years of industry presence and ensure that your home or office is safe with healthy trees. Most tree surgeons feel that winter is the right time to evaluate their condition to last for the rest of the year. They also know all the warning signs indicating that your trees’ condition has deteriorated, and you should prune them to ensure the safety of your property.

Some Reasons To Hire Tree Surgeons In Surrey

Identifying deadwood is a challenging task. If you don’t want to wait for spring to arrive and the barks to start falling off, get in touch with a tree surgeon. They will take a closer look at the branches and let you know whether there is any sign of deadwood. You don’t have to worry if you notice a few deadwood branches. The surgeon might advice you to remove the tree if deadwood has taken up more than half of the tree. Some tree removal experts even plant a new tree near the one with excess deadwood. The new tree will start growing when you take down the affected one.

Did you cut a branch from a tree in your garden, but it is still hanging over other branches? It is known as widowmaker and is a forestry term. You should remove such branches immediately if you don’t want them to fall on the ground suddenly and hurt someone. The large ones are powerful enough to damage your property. If you ever notice a widowmaker in your garden, get in touch with a tree surgeon in Surrey. Removing heavy branches is a challenging task, it is why you should leave it to experienced professionals. They use advanced equipment, so you don’t have to worry about chainsaw fatalities.

You can ensure your trees’ health by pruning plants in a timely manner. Most tree surgeons have years of experience in the industry and know the right time to prune overgrown trees. Avoid pruning trees in summer if you don’t want pests to infect the cuts in your trees and increase the chances of diseases. The ideal time to prune diseased or unsafe branches is in a dormant state in winter. If the trees have started budding out, you can apply fertilisers.

These been said, make sure you hire the right surgeon if you need any of the services stated above. Look for a company undertaking all aspects of tree surgery work.